Robot String Layup

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Item Parameters
Cell Specifications 156mm*156mm-210mm*210mm
Panel Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Cycle time ≤6s/string
String Positioning Accuracy ±0.2mm
Glass Size (1680-2650)*(992-1500)mm
Overall dimensions:(L*W*H) 4220*2920*2900mm
Voltage 3Phase 5 wire 380V,50Hz,AC±20%
Power 3kw
Air Pressure 180L/min

Technical Performance

1.Non-contact CCD positioning
2.With Automatic barcode placement function
3.String output belt with servo motor
4.Full cell /Half cell panel switching time: one-key switching
5.Connect with Stringer in the market to meet A/B string
6.Satisfy the single-track 12 stringing mode of the stringer
7.With manual feed port for rework string, which can meet A/B string
8.Compatible with horizontal&vertical type panel

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